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Project Management & Operations Consulting Firm

People First Planning

A successful project is dependent on the right people working on the right things at the right time. We make that happen for you, we prioritize relationships for project success.

Seamless Execution

Effective planning leads to execution with excellence. We ensure your project success targets are met.

procurement and supply chain consulting

Innovation with Ease

Successful projects are the basis for innovating your organization. Set your business up for success with technology tools, insights, and automations.

Our Story

Your vision becomes a reality by working with us.

We specialize in IT project management and operations management. Each successfully implemented project will lead to enhanced operations through the latest tools fit for your organization. Not ready to implement tools? No problem, we help you prepare with process mapping and bottleneck reduction, and transparency.

Industries & Functions


We lead software engineers and developers to ensure what you want gets delivered. We also help source and implement the right tools fit for your team and organization

Post Merger Integrations

Recently acquired another company? We manage the operational integrations for post-mergers ensuring synergy is captured and

ROI is realized

Data & Analytics

We have experience building insightful dashboards with PowerBI, Tableau, and DOMO. We take your data and bring it to life with powerful visualizations

Procurement & Supply Chain

We've completed procurement and supply chain optimization projects in agriculture, manufacturing, and professional services companies.


project management consulting

Project Management

Our services are tailored to address the most common and crucial needs of professional project managers. Our goal is to provide expert guidance and support to ensure success. We lead CRM implementations, Product Development, & Data Governance to name a few.

Operations Management

With a focus on operations, whether it’s sales operations, manufacturing operations, or professional services operations, we are here to help. We map out your processes end-to-end, identify areas of waste, leak, and potential for automations.

management consulting project management

Procurement & Supply Chain

We specialize in optimizing procurement operations. Ranging from implementing spend control towers, P2P audits, and implementing procurement tools, we make sure your procurement and supply chain has the highest levels of efficiency.

What our clients say

Jessica has been invaluable to the team. We are so happy to have her lead our projects.

Arif Chowdhury

Hitachi Solutions

The expertise and professionalism of the team at J.Caresse have been instrumental in optimizing our operations. Their commitment to excellence and hands-on support throughout the implementation process was fantastic. 

Rob Fulnecky


Working with Jessica and her team has been a great experience. They have helped me to improve our offerings and our profit has more than doubled. Great firm.

Mark Demidovich

Our Clients

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